Why working with us

Choosing a coach and or coaching training institution is important:


Not all people who call themselves a coach are certified by an accredited professional school, nor are they even true coaches for that matter. Certification is very important, because coaching is a profession that requires very specific skills, conduct standards, and a solid foundation of training. Regardless of what some may try to tell you, life experience and other types of experience or training are simply not enough. We provide our clients with all this. Our facilitator and coach is a qualified doctorate level counsellor and certified life coach, certified life coach trainer as well as a certified Neuro Linguistic Practitioner. In this instance we backed our service with university degrees, excellent experience and the best and comprehensive coach training available.


We are accredited on an international level in the areas of life coach training, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Christian Coaching and Counselling as well as internationally accredited training material developers.


Testimonials from clients are very important in choosing a coach or training institution.

A Good Match:

An effective coach for one person may not be a good match for another. Personal chemistry is important. To find a good match, it’s best to speak directly with your potential coach and ask for a sample session. You’ll want to be sure you feel comfortable enough with your coach to develop the deep trust so necessary for breakthrough coaching. We provide a free coaching session before contracting.

A Money-back guarantee

A Coach with knowledge, competencies and skills will not be afraid to back his service with a money-back guarantee. We offer a money back guarantee to all coaching clients. If any client is not satisfied with our service in the context that there is no change experience – you get you money back.

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