Overcome Depression

Overcome Depression – It’s Possible

Do you find yourself frequently unable to face the stresses and strains of life? Are work pressures or the responsibilities of family causing you sleepless nights? Or are you just stuck in a seemingly endless dark spiral of depression? If you feel that you are a prisoner of your own emotions then our life coaching may be able to offer you a way out of this pit of despair. We that with the correct coaching you can throw off the shackles of depression forever.

“… be transformed by the renewal of your mind”

Romans 12:2

 Learn how to re-program your thoughts and emotions.

Stop Depression and Feel Better Quickly


Overcome Depression – It’s Possible

Christian Life Coaching to Overcome DepressionI know some people may be thinking, “That’s impossible.” Well, perhaps, for some, it is — particularly while they believe that it’s impossible. But I never believed that feeling better without years of psychotherapy and/or anti-depressants was impossible for anyone.

We helped hundreds of people resolve serious problems, overcome “depression,” and achieve major goals.

For most people, our process works wonders in just days or weeks. We use the most powerful tool of all – your brain, itself – to change the internal processes that are bringing you down. Our process is not a “treatment” – it will be you making the most important changes of your life with the guidance of a professional Coach and Therapist to show you how.

Feel Clear and Light Again

What people call “depression” is a process, not a thing. We don’t even like using the word “depression” because it is simply not helpful.

My unique application cuts through “depressing” old patterns in record time, usually in weeks or months rather than years. You can see LIGHT at the end of the tunnel again — and you can get OUT of that tunnel and live the life you really want to live. Our process do not learn you how to cope with “depression”. It enable you to live the victorious life that was meant for you.

Depression – The Answer

If you have ever thought that your life was pointless, the odds against you stacked too high and that you are simply unable to see a way to improve your circumstances then its time to take concrete action. Dynamic Christian Life Coaching has the tools that will allow you to rid yourself of depression and refocus yourself on your goals with a new sense of purpose and confidence.

By taking part in Dynamic Emotional Freedom Therapy™ you will be able to turn your back on depression and start a new chapter in your life, one filled with optimism and a renewed confidence in your ability to reach those goals you had thought were forever out of your reach. The Dynamic Total Breakthrough Therapy Process™ has a proven track record of helping sufferers of depression eliminate negative emotions.

By ridding the psyche of negative emotions the individual’s world is changed forever and each person gains control and influence over future events, without the limiting effect of anxiety and depression.

What Dynamic Life Coaching can do for you

In DEFT, we can do a variety of things to assist in handling our depression.

Learn to experience the full-blown emotion and process it externally, rather than just internally.

Develop a belief pattern that it is okay to be emotional about certain feelings, simply to process and experience the emotion; to stick it out may not be the best thing.

Generate a sequence of reframing to the process of the emotional experience. When you feel bad, it’s not just about stopping the bad feelings completely. Sometimes, bad feelings are signals (like pain) for something that’s going wrong. We need to experience the bad once in a while, and understand what we need to learn and do after this experience. It could be a breakup, a business issue, a loss of a loved one, a betrayal from someone you care about, etc. What did you learn from this experience?

Generate a timeline sequence that helps you to sustain a corrective action. How do you carry out your change process? What are you doing that leads you closer toward your desired relationship/career/social outcomes once you have learn what to do?

Take a stand today. Now is the time to start taking action against depression and other powerful, negative emotions. DYNAMIC LIFE COACHING & COUNSELLING can help you with lasting change.

I had been through years of counseling, yet still felt depressed, anxious and suicidal.
I prayed for answers. Your therapy has been a miracle.  I see significant changes
in the way I interact with family, friends and co-workers. I have let
the past go, my confidence is good and I feel a new inner peace.
Martha F