Group & Personal Coaching

Christian Life Coaching for Groups & Individuals:

Each new day of life represents an opportunity for us to live the lives we choose to live, to become the people we choose to be, to experience the joy, love and happiness we desire along the way, and to plant seeds of an even better life for tomorrow.

We provide one-on-one coaching session on a personal level, but also through our online program called SkypeCoach.  Group Coaching is also available.

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Dynamic Life Coaching Program:

Dynamic Life Coach Certification
Duration:  13 Sessions

Method:  Group Coaching, Personal Coaching, SkypeCoach
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Intervention Life Coaching:

Christian Life Coaching by Intervention
Duration:  Single Sessions of 50 minutes per session

Method:  Group Coaching, Personal Coaching, SkypeCoach e.g Anger Management, Depression, Low Self-Esteem
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Neuro Linguistic Christian Conditioning Program:

Christian NLP


Duration:  3 Days

Method:  Group Coaching & Personal Coaching
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Various Workshops:

Christian Life Coaching Workshops

Duration:  1-2 Days

Method:  Group Coaching & Personal Coaching.  We offer 130 workshops on different subjects.  Seventy percent (70%) of these workshops are available online at discounted rates.
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Mentoring for Life Practitioners:

Mentoring for Christian Life Coaches


Duration:  50 Minute sessions

Method:  Personal Coaching & SkypeCoach.  Build your Practice, Sell your Services, Be a Successful Internet Practitioner, etc.
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