Anger Management

Dynamic Christian Life Coaching for Anger Management

We all “lose it” at times but uncontrolled anger can be aggressive, causing violence, destructive behavior and affect our relationships.

Anger is a primary, negative emotion, one of the base emotions which we probably all feel at some point in our lives. Sometimes it is an understandable response to an event whilst at other times it is an exaggerated response, totally out of proportion to the cause. Any form of behavior, good or bad, is learned during our formative years, particularly the imprint period from 0-7 years. All of our values, beliefs and behaviours are learned during this important time, hence the Jesuit saying, “Give me a seven year old boy and I will show you the man“.

In a state of anger, a person may be impatient, aggressive and hostile. It is always a self-centered behavior displayed without thought of the impact on others. It may be verbal, physical or both. Anger as a behavior can be deeply buried causing the person to feel self-hate, low self esteem and depression, even suicidal if they feel that they are a bad person, a negative part of society.

NLP Christian Conditioning for Anger Management

anger-managementThe root causes of anger reactions can be found not only in our immediate environment but often has its foundation in deep seated unconscious negative emotional states which form during childhood experiences. With our NLP Christian Conditioning Program the root causes of your anger will be examined and your subconscious realigned to help you overcome inappropriate anger reactions and outbursts. During this process you will learn strategies to help you reach your life goals, without the blinding burden of unconsciously driven anger and rage.

Stop negative emotions and a seemingly endless struggle to overcome anger. Maybe you suffer from symptoms such as uncontrolled emotional outbursts, lack confidence or simply want to improve your relationships with family members. You can choose today not to fall prey to depression and low self esteem by changing the cycle of anger and self doubt.

What makes Dynamic Life Coaching different from the rest?

Christian Life Coaching for Anger ManagementThe problem areas outlined above are the areas that Dynamic Life Coaching specialises in. With coaching and counseling expertise, we are in a position to help people overcome their limitations caused by both conscious and subconscious emotions and mindsets.

Our fully accredited professionals use the latest and most powerful NLP and Life Coaching Techniques to transform and empower you, offering you the opportunity to change your life with lasting effects.

Dynamic Christian Life Coaching works with your conscious and subconscious mind at the same time. Most traditional therapies and models work only with the conscious mind and that severely limits them in what they can do for you as it has been hypothesised that around 95% of the brains activity happens under the surface, in the subconscious mind. Most changes in the conscious mind last only for a while and then the person falls back into old habits and belief systems. Dynamic Christian Life Coaching works toward a holistic solution, aimed at conscious and subconscious integration so the results are immediate and long lasting.

 Decide to Take Responsibility and Control of Your Life

Take a stand today. Now is the time to start manage the hugely destructive and debilitating force of ANGER and other powerful, negative emotions. DYNAMIC LIFE COACHING & COUNSELLING can help you with lasting change.

“I have been to many pshycologists, counselors and pastors for my anger problem.
I can unequivocally say that your sessions changed my attitude and life.
I feel I am on top of the world after working with Dr. Leon.
Your process is working.
Thank you so much.”
Andrew N